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Chapter 17: Misfortunes in Madrid Essay

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Chapter 17:Misfortunes in Madrid

August 1890- Rizal arrived in Madrid to seek justice for his family and the Calamba tenants. He sought the help of the Filipino colony, the Asociacion Hispano-Filipina, and the liberal Spanish newspapers (La Justicia, El Globo, La Republica, El Resumen, etc.)

-M. H. del Pilar acted as his lawyer
and Dr. Dominador Gomez (secretary of Asociacion Hispano-Filipina)

Sepetmber 6, 1890- Rizal received a terrible news, he received a copy of the ejectment order by the Dominicans against Francisco Rizal and other Calamba tenants sent by hos brother-in-law Silvestre Ubaldo. From his sister Saturnina, he learned the deportation of Paciano (Rizal), Antonio (Lopez), Silvestre (ubaldo), Teong (mateo Elejorde), and Dandoy (Dr. Rizal’s relative)

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-he also learned that their parents had been forcibly ejected from their house.

August 19, 1990- Jose Ma. Panganiban died in Barcelona, after a lingering illness. He was a very talented co-worker of Rizal in the Propaganda Movement. With a sorrowing heart, Rizal took up his pen and wrote a great eulogy to Panganiban.

End of August 1890- Rizal attended a social reunion of the Filipinos in Madrid. In this reunion, Antonio was also there, he became more loquacious and became drunk. At that time, Luna was bitter because of his frustrated love with Nellie Boustead. He’s blaming Rizal to what happened to his failure, although Rizal already explained it that it was nothing. Luna said unsavory words to Nellie which made Rizal angry and challenged Luna.

On another occasion- Rizal challenged Wenceslao E. Retana, a talented Spanish scholar, was then a press agent of the friars in Spain. He used to attack the Filipinos, including Rizal. One day he wrote an article asserting that the family and friends of Rizal had not paid their rents so that they were ejected from their lands in Calamba Rizal stirred in action when he read this, he sent seconds to Retena with his challenge to duel, only Retana’s blood or his apology could vindicate the good name of Rizal’s family and friends. But Retana realized his fault and so he wrote his apology in the newspapers. His seconds had warned him that he had no chance whatsoever against Rizal on a field of honor, for Rizal was his superior in both pistol and sword.

Autumn of 1890- Rizal experienced lots of disappointment in Madrid, one night he and his friends attended a play at Teatrro Apolo, there he lost his gold watch chain with a locket containing picture of Leonora Rivera, hi beloved sweetheart. This proved to be a bad omen.

December 1890-with cold winds of winter, Rizal received a letter from Leonor, announcing her coming marriage to an Englishman (the choice of her mother) and asking his forgiveness

February 15, 1891- Bluementritt, best friend of Rizal, consoled him saying that after all the misfortunes he encountered, now his beloved left him. Bluementritt’s wife cannot understand how a woman whom a Rizal has honored with his love would be able to abandon him.

May, 1891- Bluementritt sent another comforting letter saying that Rizal don’t deserve a woman like Leonora

Closing days of 1890- an unfortunate rivalry happened between Rizal and del Pilar for supremacy. Rizal the most talented Filipino of his time, was until the undisputed leader of the Filipinos in Europe. On the other hand, del Pilar the fearless lawyer-journalists was gaining prestige in Madrid for his vigourous editorials in La Solidaridad. Del Pilar and Rizal fought for the position of reform and be called Responsable.

January 1, 1891- to avert the break- up between Rizal and del Pilar, about ninety Filipinos in Madrid met to patch up their differences and to intensify the campaign for reform. It was decided on this meeting that a leader called Responsible. Be chosen to direct the affairs of the Filipino community and to determine the editorial policy of la Solidaridad. The Responsible should be elected by two-thirds vote of the Filipino community.

February, 1891-election took place first week of this month. The Filipinos were divided into two parties, one the Rizalistas and the other one the Pilaristas. On the third day of voting, Mariano Ponce appealed to his countrymen with stirring eloquence to vote for Rizal, that same day, Rizal won and he became Responsable. But Rizal graciously declined the coveted position. He did not want to become a leader of a divided people. So he preferred to abdicate his leadership rather than be the cause of disunity and bitterness among his countrymen.

1882-1885- Rizal was happy during his first three years stay in Madrid. 1890-1891- Rizal was unhappy on his last stay in Madrid.
– Rizal wrote a brief note thanking his compatriots for electing him as Responsible. Sadly, he packed up his bags, paid his bills and boarded a train leaving for Biarritz

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