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Chemistry Essay Examples

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Chemistry- The Modern Atomic Theory

This flow chart shows the amount of energy that is emitted by each type of light. ultraviolet > blue light > yellow light > red light (maximum energy) (minimum energy) In an experiment, shining which type of light on a strip of metal would be least likely to produce the photoelectric effect? bright red light…

Chemistry Exam 3 (Atomic Theory)

The wavelength of some green light is 530.0 nm. What is the frequency of this green light? 5.66 x 10^14 hz Microwave radiation vs. UV radiation Which has a longer wavelength? Which has a greater frequency? Which has greater energy? Microwave UV UV Microwave ovens emit microwave energy with a wavelength of 12.1 cm. What…

Chemistry U2 Einstein / Photoelectric Effect

Albert Einstein German physicist who developed the theory of relativity, which states that time, space, and mass are relative to each other and not fixed. incident light The light emitted from a source that strikes an object kinetic energy Energy of motion photoelectric effect The emission of electrons from a metal caused by light striking…



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Chemistry Chapter One

Define science Gaining knowledge based on observation Major categories of science Biological science and physical science Define biological science Study of things that are/were alive Define physical science Study of matter Examples of biological science Botany- plants Zoology- animals Mycology- fungi Microbiology- microorganisms Examples of physical science Chemistry-matter and its properties/reactions Physics- relationship between matter…

Chemistry: EM, Einstein, Photons, Bohr, OM Model, Electron Configuration

Hydrogen atom absorbing light Atom absorbs photons and energy pushes the electron into a higher orbit Continuous Spectrum The visible spectrum based on its appearance compared to atomic emission spectrum Atomic emission spectrum Used to identify the elements Wave-Particle Duality Light behaves like a particle and a wave Photon A particle of electromagnetic radiation 7…

Nuclear Chemistry

What was discovered in 1896 by Antoine Henri Becquerel? invisible rays What did Marie Curie name Becquerel’s “invisible rays” radioactivity Which radioactive element did Marie and Pierre Curie discover in 1898? Polonium and Radium What three scientists were awarded with the Nobel prize in 1903? Antoine Henri, Marie Curie, and Pierre Curie What holds the…

Chemistry Elements

Cs (Cesium 55) Latin: “caesius” (sky blue) Will melt in your hands Used in atomic clocks Used as “scavenger” (collector) of unwanted atoms of gas in vacuum tubes Ba (Barium 56) Greek: “barys” (heavy) Used for x-rays of digestive system Used in fireworks (green color), magnetic recording tapes and spark plugs La (Lanthanum 57) Greek:…

Chemistry/Physics PS test Time Travel based on Einstein’s theories

1.The theory of Relativity and Einstein’s thoughts on whether time travel is possible or not- Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is composed of 2 separate theories. It includes both the theories of SPECIAL RELATIVITY and of GENERAL RELATIVITY. Special Relativity (The first theory created) the laws of physics are the same for all observers, assuming…

Chemicals Together in an Effort to be Greener

Alhamdulillah, first of all, I would like to thank Allah as I could finish my chemistry assignment with the title of Chemistry in your daily life. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those that help me, contribute their suggestion and opinion in doing this assignment from the beginning until finish because,…

Surface Chemistry

It is the phenomenon in which a substance is uniformly distributed all over the surface. Difference between adsorption and absorption: Absorption (i) It is the phenomenon in which a substance is uniformly distributed throughout the bulk of the solid. (ii) It is a bulk phenomenon. (iii) The concentration is uniform throughout the bulk of solid….

Study Guide for Crossword Puzzle

Guide Acids and Bases: 1. Be able to identify both the Bronsted–Lowry acid and base from a given reaction. ~An acid is a proton donor ~A base is a proton acceptor H3PO4 + H20 H3O+ +H2PO4- H3PO4 is an acid so it is a proton donor. It gives its positive atom to the other element…

Students Living at Home and Living Away from Family

This Chemistry module is designed for students who wish to study physical sciences or health sciences at tertiary level. | Pre-requisites:| None| ASSESSMENT STRATEGY * The outcomes of this module will be assessed using a variety of assessment strategies including, assignments and reports, in-class tests, laboratory investigations and an examination. * It is proposed that…

Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents

The precipitate was filtered out of the remaining aqueous solution of stoichiometry. In our case, all four tests yielded more mass than should have occurred. Experimenters attribute this completely evaporated from the filtered precipitate, which would add excess mass. By dealing with such small quantities of reagents, any small inaccuracy in measurement creates a large…


Potassium permanganate (KMnO_4) is commonly used as an oxidizing agent and in this experiment, it is used as both the titrant and indicator. A standard of potassium permanganate solution was prepared and computed to be 0. 02235 M and was used to titrate a sulfuric acid solution wherein the sample salt was dissolved. The solution…

Separting the Components of Panacetin

The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the composition of a simulated pharmaceutical preparation Panacetin, a proposed type of pain-killer. Panacetin is typically made up of sucrose, aspirin, and acetaminophen, but the third component in this experiment is unknown. The unknown component is suspected to be a chemical relative of acetaminophen, either acetanilide or…

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