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Chemistry Essay Examples

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Development of an Equation

Purpose: Investigate a chemical reaction using lab procedures and observations. Then, find a pattern of reactivity and explain the findings using a chemical equation and particle diagram. Procedure: Refer to: Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University. “Development of an Equation.” General Chemistry 1210 Laboratory Manual. Vol. 2013-2014. Plymouth: Hayden-McNeil. 32-35. Data/Results: Part A: In…

Physics Lab Safety Booklet Example

Why Is Laboratory Safety Important? Lab Safety is important because a safe work space, is a productive work space. When everyone follows all rules and regulations the assignment will get done and no one will be hurt. Some of the chemicals and substances can be harmful if used incorrectly, so there all certain ways we…

Importance of Chemistry in Chosen Profession

The international year of Chemistry (2011) should be the key point in a significant growth of the diffusion of chemistry to show society its importance, how it is necessary, which can provide, in order to put it in the appropriate place to be considered by the public. Different activities have been carried out in almost…



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Conductimetric Titration and Gravimetric Determination of a Precipitate

Abstract: This experiment demonstrated that by titrating barium hydroxide, Ba(OH)2 solution with a sulfuric acid, .1 M H2SO4 solution the point of equivalence can be obtained. Since they were ionic compounds, then the lowest conductivity reading was the point of equivalence because at that reading they were both at a non-ionic state since all their…

Determination of the formula unit of a compound

1)The crucible is weighed and the exact mass is recorded. 2)Approximately 0.2g of zinc is placed into the crucible and the crucible with its contain is weighed. The exact mass of zinc is determined. 3)10 ml of 6M HCl solution is poured into a measuring cylinder. 4)The 10 ml of 6M HCl solution is carefully…

Back Titration

Synopsis The objective of this experiment is to determine the percentage by mass of calcium carbonate,CaCO3 in toothpaste using back titration technique. A known weight portion of toothpaste is obtained to react with known volume and concentration of standard acid solution. After completing the reaction, the resulting solution containing excess acid is back titrated with…

Melting Point Determination

Identifying an unknown compound can be a difficult task. In identifying a compound, researchers often measure several physical properties: melting point, boiling point, density and observes a few chemical properties: reactivity, acidity, basicity of the compound. The reason for determining several chemical and physical properties of the compound is that it is quite possible for…

Organic Chemistry Laboratory – Formal Report

Introduction The study is about distillation. Distillation is a process of converting a liquid to a vapor, and then, collecting the distillate in another container. This technique is used to separate components in a liquid mixture which have different boiling points, or to separate a component that is not volatile. It is one of the…

Heat of neutralization

Discussions: 1.Why theoretical value different from value obtained? It may heat loss to the surroundings. It may have parallax error during taking the reading. 2.Why is usually the cup used in this experiment made of polystyrene? To prevent heat loss to the surroundings because it is a heat insulator. 3.Why the heat of neutralization has…

Chemistry Lab Report on standardization of acid and bases

Purpose: To prepare standardize solution of sodium hydroxide and to determine the concentration of unknown sulfuric acid solution. Data and Calculations: This experiment is divided into two parts (Part A and Part B). In the first part of experiment, the standardize solution of sodium hydroxide is prepared by titrating it with base Potassium hydrogen phthalate…

Determination of the amount of dissolved oxygen

Topic : Determination of the amount of dissolved oxygen in a water sample by iodometry-the winkler’s method. Objective: To determine the amount of dissolved oxygen in a water sample by iodometry- the winkler’s method. Apparatus: volumetric pipette, 3 conical flask, burette, burette clamp, Pasteur pipette, reagent bottle, conical flask stopper, retord stand, white tile Materials:…

Inductively Coupled Plasma – Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

The aim of this practical was to use an ICP-OES to perform a multi-elemental analysis of different types of tea. The elements that were analysed in the tea were copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. The sample is introduced into the plasma as an aerosol. Argon gas flows through three concentric quartz tubes in the plasma…

How accuracy may be ensured in techniques used

M1: Explain how accuracy may be ensured in the techniques used Cynthia Nzeh Task 1 1) Discuss how your choice of equipment and how it affected the accuracy of your method. Discuss good volumetric technique. 2) Calculate the apparatus error for the method used. 3) Given the value calculated by the senior technician calculate your…

Cations and Anion Lab

Introduction In this experiment we will be mixing two ionic compounds: potassium chromate and lead nitrate; both are soluble in water. This will be demonstrating a double-replacement reaction/reactions between cations and anions. If a reaction does occur it will form a precipitate due to one of the newly formed compounds not being soluble in water….

Atoms, Molecules and Elements

Atoms, molecules and elements are the building blocks of everything we can see, hear, and touch. Though not visible to the naked eye, it is the combination of millions of these tiny substances that make us who and what we are today. Many elements make up the world around us, and each element reacts differently…

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