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Investment Essay Examples

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Project Management E-Mail

Recommendation for Piper Industries Corporation Project Management Dear Project Manager: After reviewing the information that was provided in a previous email regarding the three projects coded, Juniper, Palomino and Stargazer, I believe it will be more beneficial for the company to use the Palomino project. In my personal analysis, with the Juniper project, there is…

Zeus asset management

1. Overview of Zeus Asset Management Inc. Founded in 1968, Zeus Asset Management Inc. (ZAM) is an independent, money – management company offering services to both institutional and individual clients. ZAM follows a conservative, risk-averse, quality-oriented investment management to exploit the extra return from long term strategies. In fact, the company’s investment philosophy of risk-aversion…

Project Scope Сomplete Kitchen Remodel

Business Requirements A complete kitchen remodel is proposed and will be located at Sponsor Representatives residence. Background The residence will contain new cabinets, countertops, flooring and hardware that will update current kitchen in existing materials and result in major investment increase of the value and marketability for resale Business Opportunity An analysis based on interviews…



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Discussed from Paperco, Inc.

This case study is discussed from Paperco, Inc. point of view of whether they should avail the tax benefits and cost savings in replacing the mechanical drying equipment. Recommendation Based on the analysis below in this memo, Paperco should purchase new mechanical drying equipment now in advance in anticipation of the passage of new tax…

Personal Trainer

1. What options does Personal Trainer have for developing a new system? What are some specific issues and options that Susan should consider in making a decision Creating a web site that allows members to login and access information about their personalized fitness program. Susan needs to do some research and find out what internet…

Bancassurance Financial Project

ABSTRACT The business world and specifically financial industry has become challenging and of uncertain business environment in terms of new technology, political dynamics, government policies and advanced human resources. This therefore calls for dynamic leadership that needs to be creative and innovative in creating their competitive strategies. To mitigate these challenges, some firms’ managements have…

The Present and Future Price of Money

One of the most important concepts about saving and investing is the time value of money. It can be used to compare investment alternatives and to solve problems involving loans, mortgages, leases, savings, and annuities. This means money paid out or received in the future is not equivalent to money paid out or received today…

Capital Budgeting Case

With an initial investment of $250,000, we could purchase one of two corporations. By analyzing each corporation we can make an educated decision on which corporation holds the highest return. A five year projected income statement, five year projected cash flow, and the NVP and IRR of both corporations have been created to aid in…

The Technical Underwriting Financial System (TUFS)

“Why do I keep this around?” Martin Drysdale wondered. “It infuriates me every time I see all that satisfaction over something that is now the bane of my existence.” He looked gloomily at the offending photo which showed the project team happily “clinking” pop cans and coffee cups in a toast: “Here’s to TUFS!” The…

Pan Europa

Answer 1: In order to avoid takeover Pan-Europa should develop and maintain faith and loyalty of their customers towards products. Company should also satisfy its stakeholders by expansion and improvement in their market and product. At given time EPS and Shareholders’ Equity plays a vital role. Company should increase its market share by same “low…

Ameritrade’s Cost of Capital

Executive Summary After careful analysis of Ameritrade and comparable companies, I have estimated a 14.784% cost of capital that should be used to evaluate Ameritrade’s upcoming investments in technology and advertising. After analyzing the historical return on Ameritrade’s investments, I have concluded that if the firm manages this project at least as well as its…

Turkey International Business Strategy

Introduction Over the years Turkey has become an important centre for international business trading especially clothing in retail sector is a booming industry. Clothing is today one of the most competent sectors in Turkey retail industry which is dominated by large number of international brands. The main purpose of this paper is to understand the…

Sun Microsystems

As Shelton (1988) said strategic fit exists when two companies are able to create value that would be created if they were trying to reach the same goals separately. The IT industry is extremely competitive and companies are always searching for new ideas and new ways to evolve to be constantly one step ahead of…

All Calculations Used to Arrive at Solutions

1. Community Hospital has annual net patient revenues of $150 million. At the present time, payments received by the hospital are not deposited for six days on average. The hospital is exploring a lockbox arrangement that promises to cut the six days to one day. If these funds released by the lockbox arrangement can be…

International Markets

Once SAB Miller has decided to establish itself in the global market, it becomes necessary for the marketing manager to study and analyze the various options available to enter the international markets and select the most suitable one. The selection of the entry mode is one of the most significant decisions.SAB Miller takes in the…

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