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Investment Essay Examples

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Hamptonshire Express: Problems 1-3

Problem #1 A. How many newspapers should Sheen stock? Use the simulation in the spreadsheet “Hamptonshire Express: Problem #1” to identify the optimal stocking quantity. What is the profit at this stocking quantity? Optimal Stocking Quantity: 584 Expected profit at Optimal Stocking Quantity: $331.43 B. Verify that the value derived in part (a) is consistent…

The Political Investment Environment of India

The Political Investment Environment of India Investing in a country needs to take a look at all the political, economic, social and technological environments. India, as one of the post BRIC countries, developing with high economic growth, comparatively stable social and political environment, and essential infrastructure, attracts people all over the world to look for…

Growth Rates

What factors might contribute to a low or high growth rates in a country? There are three categories of factors that contribute to a low or high growth rates. These categories are the demand factor, the efficiency factor, and supply factors. Government spending or exports can lead to a higher to aggregate demand and higher…



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Capital budgeting

A – Capital budgeting is an analysis of potential additions to fixed assets, it is part of the long term decisions taken by the top management and involve large expenditures. The capital budgeting is very important to firm’s future. The difference between capital budgeting and individual’s investment decisions are in the estimation of cash flows,…

Jet Etihad Deal Analysis

Jet-Etihad deal On April 24 Jet Airways and Etihad signed the strategic alliance. The Etihad agrees to buy a 24% stake in the Jet for about Rs 2,060 crore. It is the biggest deal in Indian aviation sector. On May 24, Jet shareholders approved the stake sale. The airline deferred its resolution to amend the…

The “Now” Wedding

For this project I reviewed the case, The “Now” Wedding – Part A, out of the textbook, Project Management the Managerial Process. The case is summarized below and 10 questions are also answered about what the current situation is, what needs to happen, what the constraints are, what resources are required, who is responsible for…

Financial problem in a country or organization of your choice

Discuss the causes of a financial problem in a country or organization of your choice and suggest some solutions. Specify the problem and the City/Country and relate to a particular study. Zimbabwe is an agricultural based economy previously known as the ‘bread-basket’ of Southern Africa. In the past decade, the country experienced a drastic economic…

Impact of Technology

Abstract The information technology investments have increased significantly with time and advancement in technology. In this study, an attempt is made to highlight how the information technology influences the organization productivity. The correlation between the information technology (IT) and productivity was very argumentative. Many studies were conducted to identify the impact of IT on productivity…

Asian Countries

Many Asian countries such as Singapore, HK, and South Korea have achieved tremendous economic growth in the last forty years of development. One of the key success factors has been macroeconomic stability in these countries. Multiplier effect — population Talk aboit the characteristic of Asian countries-past 40 years –deveoping country –vast raw material 1. Economic growth…

Richman Investments “Internal Use Only”

I have been asked to draft a brief report concerning the “Internal Use Only” data classification standard for Richman Investments. The purpose of the report is to describe the standards set by Richman Investments, the potential of a security threat and recommendations to remedy any possible vulnerability. “Internal Use Only” definition – is any information…

Qrb/501 Week 6 Deliverable

Week Six News Article Summaries Post Lehman Brothers Stock Market Crash Discussion In 2006, Brothers David and Tom Gardner started a community database to help consumers choose stocks. Developing the concept of longer-term investments over extended periods, versus the forecast method based on timing and risk. Motley Fool, the name chosen for the firm, asked…

Indonesia – Asia’s Stumbling Giant

Indonesia is a country within Asia populated with nearly 220 million people. It has a strategic location astride major sea lanes and is an archipelago of 17,508 islands (globalEDGE, 2013). It is also deemed the world’s most Muslim nation where nearly 85% of the population consider themselves Muslim; while still remaining one of the most…

River blindness

Does Dr. Roy Vagelos or Merck and Co. have a responsibility to pursue R&D for a human version of Ivermectin, the drug for river blindness? Lets take this question to a positive evaluation. Developing a drug to combat river blindness has potential costs and benefits. Merck discovered an opportunity to treat millions of infected people around the world…

Lakeside Case Exercise Template

(a) Compute the financial ratios listed in Exhibit 3-2 for Lakeside for the years ended December 31, 2010 and December 31, 2011. Comment on any large fluctuations, unusual fluctuations, or lack of expected fluctuations. Also, give an overall conclusion as to the significance of the change in Lakeside’s liquidity, solvency, and profitability positions from 2010…

New Heritage Doll Company: Capital Budgeting

The New Heritage Doll Company’s Vice-President of Production, Emily Harris, had to decide which of two proposals she should approve for the company’s upcoming capital budgeting meetings. The first project involved expanding an existing “Match My Doll Clothing” line, which had a proven record of success in the past. The second project introduced a new…

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