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Laboratory Techniques & Measurements Essay

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Laboratory Techniques & Measurements

Become familiar with several important laboratory techniques. Gain proficiency with some of the common measuring devices used in a chemistry laboratory. Determine the volume, mass, length, temperature, and density of objects and liquids

  • 1. Length Measurements:
    Length (cm)
    Length (mm)
    Pop Can
    TV Remote

2. Temperature Measurements:

  • Hot water from tap (⁰C) – 47
    Boiling Water (⁰C) – 61
    Boiling Water after 5 mins.(⁰C) – 73

    Cold water from tap (⁰C) – 15
    Ice Water (⁰C) – 6
    Ice Water after 5 mins. (⁰C) – 4

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3. Volume Measurements:

  • Test tube volume (mL) – 10
  • Number of drops in 1 mL – 9
  • Pipet volume (mL) – 4

4. Mass Measurements:

  • Object
    Estimated Mass (g) – 7.8
    Actual Mass (g) – 9.2

5. Density Measurements:

Mass A
Mass B
Mass A-B

Cylinder +

Hypothesis on Salt Compared to Water: The salt solution will have a greater density than pure water as the substance mass is lager.

6. Densities of Irregular Objects:

Mass A
Mass B
Mass B-A

Cylinder Volume
Cylinder + Object (mL)
Object Volume (mL)
Object Mass (g)
Density M/V
Metal bolt
Water Displacement


A. Some reasons for the water not boiling at 100⁰C could be: different temperature settings, not allowing enough time to fully boil and experimental error.

B. 102⁰C-100⁰C 99.2-100
100⁰C 100

100⁰C 100⁰

0.02 X100%-0.008X100
C. Height= 3.6, Base=4.21, Width= 1.17
Volume = bXh/w
4.21X3.6/1.17 = 13.31

Density= mass/volume
21.3/13.31 = 1.6

D. Density= mass/volume

Some new things that I learned from this lab are experimental errors can drastically effect the outcome and adding a substance such as salt to water will increase the density of water. I believe I did meet the lab objectives because in result of this lab I became familiar with lab techniques, gained experience using lab measuring devices and I learned the volume, mass, length temperature and density of some objects and liquids.

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