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Learning styles Essay Examples

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Learning Styles Theory

Learning styles theory originated in the 1970’s and is based around the idea that people have preferences about how they like to learn. Theorists believe that each individual has a particular learning style that is best suited to them and allows them to collect and process information successfully in order to learn. The principle idea…

Learning Styles and Competencies

Learning Styles and Competencies I found my personality spectrum to be true of whom I am as an individual person. I understand psychology as a self-portrait of us and this allowed me to be exposed and confirmed my personality. I am a prodigious thinker because I love to solve problems while exploring new ideas and…

Learning Styles and Theories

There are multiple learning styles and theories that apply to individuals in multiple ways. The VARK learning style that my analysis revealed is read/write according to the questionnaire by Fleming (2001-2014). This categorization of my learning style compliments me well and I definitely agree that actually seeing the information spelled out in front of me…



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Personal Learning Styles

Everyone learns and retains information differently than one another. There are so many different types of learning styles out there. There are visual learners, verbal learners, and kinesthetic learners. Visual learners remember best what they see by diagrams, flow charts or maps. Auditory learners remember best what they hear and kinesthetic learners are best when…

Learning Styles

There have been several different ideas and developments into learning theories and how individuals perceive and apply new knowledge, but one of the most explored ideas came from Peter Honey and Alan Mumford. Their learning system was developed during the 1970s and was a variation on the David Kolb learning theory. Both were based on…


Teaching styles (methods) There are many different styles or methods of teaching. Research I did showed at least 150 different styles from lecturing to brainstorming and vocabulary drills. I have identified the following styles as most often used: Demonstrations & Practicals/Experiments: When teachers show learners skills while they watch, followed by the learners practicing the…

Different learning styles

Equality means that we should all have equal access and equal opportunities to learn and be successful regardless of gender, race, religion, and ability. Diversity refers to the fact that we are all different. Some of us are male, some female, some tall, some short, some dark skinned, some light skinned. We come from different…

Report on time management, SWOT analysis, learning styles and essay and report writing

Report on Time management, SWOT analysis, learning styles and essay and report writing. As requested by Graham Pogson on October 25h 2013. The report is being written for the Borders business program module, professional development planning, to discuss and evaluate the above topics. 2. Findings 3.1 Time Management. Time management is working out how to…

Left Brain vs Right Brain Learning Styles

People learn in many different ways, but do you ever wonder why that is. Why are we so different and learn so differently? The brain is the answer to that question. The brain gives us what we need to determine what and who we are as people. Because of the human brain’s complexity, professors and…

Learning Styles Classification

While some people can read a book and then ace a test on it the next day, others may not be able to do the same without hearing a lecture on the subject. Individuals perceive and process information in different ways; while some people are visual learners, others may retain information better through auditory or…

How do emotional, creative and pessimistic learning styles affect critical thinking?

Critical thinking has a tendency to be thought of as a cold, dispassionate endeavor that rewards objectivism in the name of ultimate truths and facts. However, the rise of cultural pedagogy and critical theory tracks in higher education has created a new system for inquiry that favors a subjective interpretation specifically located in its relevant…

Four Learning Styles

1.Sensing-Thinking or Mastery Learners What Motivates Mastery Learners? Master learners rely on sensing as a mode of perception and thinking as a means of judgment or decision making. They prefer well-organized, highly-reutilized classrooms where expectations are clearly described and strongly related to practical outcomes such as good grades, things they can make or do, and…

Reflection on My Learning Styles

How do they reflect on my learning? I will try to do my own research for information but will ask others for their opinion whenever necessary. I tend or try to approach things with a constant logic, taking things step by step, considering all factors before coming to any conclusion, trying to leave nothing out….

Overview of Learning Styles

Learning is a very personal experience for every person individually, However, I had not realized the extent of how personal, learning actually is in reality. I was amazed each week as I learned about learning with personal Learning Patterns, how each pattern works, and how my use of each pattern affects not only the way…

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1. have become an effective self-learner (use Control-click on all) 2. have acquired skills needed to work effectively in a team environment 3. feel comfortable about applying the various statistical techniques learned in the class to real problems 4. have a sound understanding of the relationship between a population and a sample, and the stochastic…

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