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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Essay

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In the novel the curious incident of the dog in the night time Mark Hadden demonstrates the qualities of hardships and problems which every key character in the novel has to deal with. Some are stronger or harder than others but in the end they still have to jump that hurdle they are trying to get over. Every character does find a way to manage their problems and deal with them sensibly. But I respect Mr Boone the most because he deals with two lots of troubles, his own and his son Christopher’s. Mr. Boone deals with a substantial amount of problems throughout the novel.

Not only his personal problems but dealing with Christopher as a son, and for filling his needs. He learns to manage and structure his life with the problems he has surrounding him. At the begging of the book Ed Boone’s character portrays a strong personality that can stand up to his problems. Christopher gives him nuisance with him not being able to understand the emotions that a person can go through. This leaves Mr Boone on his own when things get emotional, he can’t hug his son or give any affection.

Mr Boone and Christopher send love to each other by touching fingertips together: We do this because sometimes father wants to give me a hug but I do not like hugging people, so we do this instead, and it means that he loves me . Mr Boone faces his wife leaving him for another man. He hides this to the one he loves the most, his son. As the author depicts in the book, Christopher has a few problems comprehending emotions, this is why Mr Boone hides Christopher’s mother leaving the family. Not only does he have trouble dealing with the fact his wife left him but he has to carry the guilt of keeping this big secret from Christopher.

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Mother had not had a heart attack. Mother had not died. Mother had been alive all the time. And father had lied to me about this. Pg 141 Mrs. Boone initially runs away from all of her troubles but as she comes to a reality of what she has done she tries her best to fix and overcome every hardship she escaped from. Mrs Boone has various problems to deal with throughout the novel. The first hurdle she has to jump over is having Christopher as a son and trying to cater his needs. She finds all of this too hard and decides to escape and have an affair with Mr Shears.

The prime emotion she overcomes is guilt. Guilt plays a massive role in her life after she leaves Christopher with his father and whether she would hurt him. I was not a very good mother Christopher . This section of the book is really demonstrating the guilt and pressure she felt leaving Christopher. Guilt also comes up when she leaves her husband for another man. She never intentioned to hurt anyone all she wanted was the best for Christopher… That was when I realised you and your father were probably better off if I wasn’t living in the house.

Mrs Boone was doing the best for the boy she loved the most, her son. Christopher has to deal with the problem of not being able to comprehend others emotions. This affects Christopher in every aspect of life because it makes it hard for him to commutate with strangers or new people. This makes it difficult for him to make a strong friendship with someone. He does not understand imaginary feelings; he is blunt and cuts straight to facts. There were tears coming out of his eyes. This shows that Christopher see’s the physical side of things but can’t go into someone’s shoes and feel what they are going through.

As Christopher and Mr Boone have a strong relationship at the start of the book, Mr Boone tells lies about Christopher’s mother’s departure from the family. Christopher fells betrayed and alone after he finds out his father had lied to him the whole time about his mother leaving. All of a sudden Christopher has to deal with the feeling of being alone after he cannot trust his father. Mr Boone tries to convince Christopher to trust him again: I want you to know you can trust me . But Christopher found it hard to gain trust back with his father. Throughout the book all of the characters discover their weaknesses and strengths.

But they all have problems they have to go through. All though they all have their problems I admire Mr Boone the most because unlike the other characters he has two types of problems to deal with. His own problems and dealing with his son’s difficulties; with the condition of Aspergers Syndrome. All of the key characters deal with their issues and can go through hard time in the novel but they all discover strategies on how to overcome their hardships. Mr Boone deals with the greatest amount of problems and I admire all of the characters for facing their problems and conquering their issues.

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