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The Efficency of Bioethanol Fuel Essay

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Bioethanol fuel is (Bioethanol Fuel. Com) “mainly produced by the sugar fermentation process, although it can be manufactured by the chemical process of reacting ethylene with steam” Bioethanol comes from an renewable resource that mainly grows in the United Kingdom. Kerosene is (A Comparisons of Three Kerosene Fuel Surrogates and Their Corresponding Chemical Kinetic Mechanisms; by Heidi Hollick) “A thin oil distilled from petroleum or shale oil. It’s mainly used in heating and cooking lamps and was also distributed from the United Kingdom. Gasoline is made from proceeded crude oil, it is mainly used to power cars. The purpose of this project is to produce a desired effect of Bioethanol fuel against the other types of fuel.

The experiment will compare the energy being produced by each fuel and the burning time. The main source of sugar required to produce ethanol come from fuel or energy crops. These crops are only grown to produce energy; corn, maize and wheat crops, waste straw, willow and popular trees, sawdust, reed canary grass, ord grasses, Jerusalem artichoke, myscanthus and sorghum plants. There’s a new research of municipal solid wastes to produce ethanol fuels. Bioethanol Fuel 3 Ethanol can be produced from biomass by the hydrolysis and sugar Fermentation processes. Biomass wastes contain a complex mixture of carbohydrates polymers from the plant cell walks known as cellulose, hemi cellulose and legin. In order to produce sugars from the biomass is pre-treated with acids or enzymes in order to reduce the size of the feedstock and to open up the plant structures. However, the hypothesis was that gasoline will have the highest energy roduced and it will have an shorter burning time. To test this hypothesis one would have to get an equal amount of each fuel. Burn it, and measure the energy and record the burning time.

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